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          2. Hello, welcome to visit the official 習銀website of Dongguan Shijing Precision 紅火Hardware Co., Ltd.!

            中(zhōng)文 English Sitemap Add WeChat添加微(wēi)信

            Professional high-precision hardware pa知師rts design, processing 從從and assembly servicesProvide a variety of precisio市答n and complex parts product processing亮內


            • ??Professional skill worker

              Professional skill workerThe company has more than doz會地ens of professional a可師nd technical personnel, who ca暗會n provide professional technical .頻林..

              ??Customized processing

              Customized processingProcessing according to dra店近wings, professional customization c金冷an be undertaken. It can also provid坐裡e a one-stop solution from好北 component...

              ??Imported high-precision equipment

              Imported high-precision eq信新uipmentHigh-precision CNC core lathes, CNC m有票illing machines, turning-millin空不g compound multi-axis linkage...

            • ??Use high-quality raw materials

              Use high-quality raw mat是自erialsThe product uses high-q吧老uality stainless steel, titanium, al要放uminum and other high-qua坐多lity metal...

              ??High product precision

              High product precisionWe have rich manufacturing購店 experience for high-precis行中ion parts and components, a媽文nd have set up multi的是ple quality inspection...

              ??Wide service industry

              Wide service industryCan provide services for many dif風靜ferent industries, such as:你爸 automotive, communicatio要光ns, medical, optical parts,民費 etc.

            Six Advantages of World Precision Mach信間iningThe company has rich experie好為nce in the processing of various mat雨來erials
            Provide customers with 北內reliable quality assu影友rance

            Choose SejingFour reasonsYears of industry experience, p樂小rofessional production 錯笑equipment, cost-effective, one-sto知開p solution

            • Manufacturing experi件下ence制造經驗

            • Rigorous craftsmanshi什微p工(gōng)藝嚴謹

            • Tailored量身定制

            • Perfect after-sales完善售後

              01Years of manufacturing 男們experience one-stop serv中街ice

              → With rich experience in 能車high-precision parts proce北腦ssing, the company specializes in問紙 high-precision hardware線愛 parts design, processing and a行不ssembly services;

              → Sejing has many years of professio筆和nal parts designers and many technic是微al engineers with more than 10 year也坐s of operating experience.

              ------ Service Hotline ----河話--13929473997

              01 / 04


              02Rigorous and reliable manu海村facturing process

              → Adopting Japanese ad道理vanced production and testing equ弟樹ipment, on the premise o樂空f ensuring quality, saving a lot現身 of costs, and providing you with務跳 high-quality products at a price

              → In order to ensure quality, we ha照家ve set up multiple quality inspectio他北n procedures, and con不綠tinue to upgrade and improve the proc生開ess in the later stage to ensur花對e that we provide you wi笑明th high-quality parts, so that your e都土quipment has a longer life and a 山農higher pass rate

              ------ Service Hotline -----商國-13929473997

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              03Professional technical design te月外am tailor-made mechan銀子ical parts

              → Shijing has a wealth of experienc快有e in component desig兵冷n and has served doz道哥ens of machinery man些信ufacturing companies, provi票媽ding them with profes見現sional technical design and processin道了g services.

              → Can undertake conventional習市 and extraordinary parts design, pr水窗ocessing solutions, so that you 麗醫more worry-free.

              ------ Service Hotline ------很知13929473997

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              04Provide a complete after-sa少木les service system

              → Shijing has a professional p醫睡re-sales and after-sales動月 service team.

              → Full one-to-one one-week servi東文ce, 24-hour online cus路年tomer service, and time的姐ly professional and hig問友h-quality services.

              ------ Service Hotline -低影-----13929473997

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            Sejing ? show of powerWitness our service quality with s明明trength

            Walk inDongguan Shijing Precision Hardware 視新Co., Ltd.Wholeheartedly provide users w畫黑ith professional and stan又土dardized operation servi河舊ces

                   Estab離農lished in 2014, Dongguan南司 Shijing Precision Har海開dware Co.,Ltd is a profession員西al manufacture of a variety of prec看姐ision hardware components. After 7 玩看years’ endeavor for overc來討oming the difficulties in 你分processing technology, Shij高林ing manufactuing was passed 如物the National High-tech Enterprise Ce舊討rtification in 2021.&如兵nbsp;     劇要 For production...

            +Company Profile +contact us


            Sejing ? newsFocus on Shijing Precision Ha土村rdware and learn about靜水 the relevant inform看你ation of the high-pr花聽ecision hardware parts金讀 industry

              1. StrengthThe working con術吃ditions of precision mol訊錯d parts are mostly ve高吧ry bad, and some of 秒歌them are often subj......
              Precision machining technology has d生高eveloped rapidly in terms of impro術也ving accuracy and productivity. In 房會terms......
              1. StrengthThe working conditi村通ons of precision mol視請d parts are mostly very bad, and some o商湖f them are often subj......
              Precision machining technology has de山著veloped rapidly in terms of土老 improving accuracy and productivi生民ty. In terms......
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